Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns have a wide variety of uses, including, teeth lightening, gap narrowing, fix teeth that stick out, reduce crowding in the mouth and they can be used to improve the outward appearance of the teeth. For those that are insecure about the appearance of their teeth or their smile, porcelain crowns can be an excellent solution. On the patient’s first visit of treatment their teeth are prepared to allow the crown to fit over the tooth while creating a nice shape and fit. An impression is taken of their teeth and this is sent to a dental lab. The dental technician will then fabricate natural looking, beautiful crowns. At the next visit, the crowns will be tried in and checked for accuracy of fit and for aesthetics. If the patient is satisfied with the crowns, they are then bonded or cemented onto the teeth.

Crowns are very popular because they have an excellent history of fixing dental issues, and their track record is proven. Today crowns are made in several ways; all porcelain crowns are very popular because they have no metal in them making them more translucent and therefore, more natural looking. We sometimes use porcelain fused to metal crowns which are still very aesthetic looking depending on the situation.